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03/07/2017, Author: Jamie


Go For It

03/07/2017, Author: Jamie


Ally & Eric

03/05/2017, Author: Jamie

  When my best friend asked me to design her wedding invitations, obviously I had already started putting them together and had a draft for her like, that day. She gave me pretty much total freedom with these, and requested I use yellow as her bouquet would have sunflowers in it. I did mess up […]

Wolf #1

03/04/2017, Author: Jamie

Ink, water, and gel pen.

Dustin & Jamie

03/04/2017, Author: Jamie

When I was planning my wedding, I knew 2 things: 1, I would design my wedding invitations, and 2, the dogs would be involved.     Save Save Save

Don’t Bully My Breed

03/04/2017, Author: Jamie

I love pit bulls. Duh, I own one. (That’s him. His name is Goose. He’s the best dog in the entire universe.) If you don’t like him or others who look like him, we can’t be friends. Save Save